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One Awesome Breakfast

@jstevens2010 starts this video with a great Bob Seger song,  performed by the great ‘Metallica.’ That is an excellent eye-opener. I guess I know what ‘Ground Camping’ is now. I also notice the burners they are using. It looks like they have done this before because seeing a big pan up on one of those small burners. They have no problems moving swiftly around the table without spilling a thing.

Again, like the other video, they use the rendered fat of the sausage. This is a simple video, and I’m sure you have made such breakfasts before. I wanted you to watch this because I was wondering how hungry it may make you.

5 Ways to Cook Bread Over a Campfire

If you want to try new experiences, then watch this video, and you will have an idea of what kind of experience you can have in making bread in five different ways. This is what I like about some of these videos. You learn new tricks and tips. So what if you can’t afford a beautiful cast iron skillet to some of that other ironware for campfire cooking they sell these days.

Let’s pretend we were back thousands of years ago, and we wanted to make a meal. We want to make bread. Later on, We want to break bread. Kenneth Kramm shows us how to get creative in 5 different ways. This is exciting. Watch this and get prepared before you go on your next camping trip. Now show your family and friends how smart you are and how you could make bread over the campfire in 5 different ways. Have Fun.

Worlds Longest Camping Trip

This is really about a Nomadic couple,  influenced by tragedy, and decided to change their lives and make this the most extended camping trip ever.

Thank You to The Canadian Couple, Mat and Danielle, and thank you, Kirsten Dirksen, for your incredible YouTube videos. This is something I have been dreaming about for quite a while. Now that my youngest has graduated, I plan on hitting the road.

People look at camping in many ways. There are different styles like Luxurious camping or Glamour camping. There’s using a fold-up or hardtop and, of course, the tent: my #1 choice, the RV. You can use a tent about anywhere just as you would with a vehicle or camper. Then, there is the Nomad. You wouldn’t think until you do it, but imagine all the stresses you just got rid of! Of course, you still need to be prepared to hit the road for a very, very long lime. Mat and Danielle show us how they do it to make life easier on the way.

I could go on and on here talking about these nomads, but since this video is 35 minutes long, I’ll just let you watch and enjoy. You will see what I am talking about.

I should mention, and I am aware that this would not work for everyone, especially families, children.

Losing One’s Job Turn Into A Success Story

I found this on YouTube. It was taken from the news station UpNorthLive. It was posted on Dec. 13, 2011. It’s about a Northern Michigan couple, who turned victims of a home construction collapse. Out of work, they decided to take a month, refocus, and fix up their travel trailer. At that time, they had no idea that their project would turn into a start-up business that makes a difference to not only their customers but also the community.

You can’t get excited when you see the old trailers and the possibilities to refurbish one or two. How about a business worth? Kudos to this couple for thinking outside the box and going for something that they were sure was possible. I just wonder if they are still doing this and if we could see the refurbished trailers. I would not mind possibly getting one. I love vintage. This reminds me of vintage cars. I saw a few things that bring back memories of campers having what they don’t have anymore. One example is the water spout, faucet coming out of the side of the trailer. Nice and shiny!

The only problem is that I don’t know who this couple is or their business name. I would love to travel there and see their shop. There are some great places to camp up there too!


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