Here some natural ways to keep them skeeters away!

I have always wanted to know, but like all of you, have been too busy or too lazy(?) (Let’s just say too tire after a busy day, or night.)

To find out other natural cures out there. I also have heard some of them that sounded simple and easy: and most of them even smell great! I guess there are many oils out there these days. Most of you probably have heard of vanilla working on mosquitoes. They hate the scent of vanilla!

But before you grab your nearest bottle of natural vanilla or vanilla oil, read the label. Vanilla does not work if it has sugar or alcohol. I did not know that one either.

Now Get yourself a few water spray bottles and Mark Them. Label Them!

Here is a basic list of items you’ll want to grab before you watch the video.

  1. Lavender or Lavender oil
  2. Tee Tree Oil
  3. Vanilla– PURE! No sugar No Alcohol
  4. Black Pepper You heard that right. natural compound Piperine made from a group of plants that are used to produce black pepper. They started making insect repellants using Picaridin which is a synthetic compound that was made to resemble Piperine.
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar Just Another Great Use! Watch the video for this one for sure. You’ll see why.
  6. Soap & Water Yes, even just a plate of concentrated soaping water will work.
  7. Mint or Mint Oil
  8. Garlic Must watch to know how to use garlic. Be very careful but if you do use it you can ward off the skeeters and vampires!
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