Learn These and be a Hero In Camp

Why do I say that?  Just by knowing all or even some of these and remembering them makes you a possible hero, in my book!  These are some great survival tips and wow! Look at the flowers!  We get to eat flowers!  But you need to watch this video carefully or maybe even a few more times to ensure your eating the safe plants.

Growing up I always heard from different sources that we should stay away from red berries.  There is a ‘saying/rhyme’ about what to look for and what to stay away from.  I also heard  don’t eat berries you won’t ever see birds eat.  1 red berry you can eat is the Hawthorne. 

What you actually look for is the leaves and you can tell if it is a Hawthorne.

I want to watch this over and over until I know this by heart!  Be my own hero, in such cases.

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